You can have the freedom and financial reward to do something you’re passionate about and something you believe you are called to do? What if you can have a business that is uniquely you and can weather whatever crisis comes your way? This is what Business School for You is about.


Business School for YOU is an 8-week online program (but which you can finish in a shorter amount of time) designed to equip aspiring or existing entrepreneurs and small business owners with skills and tools needed from the initial phase of planning to the launching of the business, towards a stable and successful growth. Whether you’re just starting a business or you've already have a business but want to modify it, Business School for You will align your higher purpose with your business and make it adaptable to any change, thereby guaranteeing your success in all areas of your life. Business School for you will train you not only to be a successful business owner but a BUSINESS LEADER who helps transform the lives of other people.

Learn at your own pace and place

Whether you’re working a full-time job and trying to build a business, or working on gigs while building a business, or have an existing business that you are growing, or have endless responsibilities with your personal and professional life, this course is going to work for you. You have lifetime access to it. You can go through the materials on your own schedule and revisit it anytime.

More about the Program

There are seven core Modules in the Business School for YOU curriculum, with each Module having 1-5 segments containing videos and workshops to help you integrate and apply the ‘learnings’ to your plans or existing business.


While most business courses will teach you to build your plans on top of your goals, "Business School for YOU" will teach you to build your goals on top of your purpose. And do you know what lies beneath your purpose? It is the dreams and aspirations you’ve had since you were a kid. This is where your uniqueness resides. Seeing your business succeed will not happen until your goals align with who you really are and created to be. Business School for YOU will help build or rebuild your business on the right foundation, saving you time and money. Every other step of the program, including plans and strategies, will be built on your own uniqueness.

Who is the Program For?

The ideal candidate for BSFY is someone who desires to have a small business, with 0-5+ employees. It is for creative, independent, and determined individuals who are seeking for freedom and financial reward from doing something they’re passionate about. It is for those who want to have a deeper sense of fulfillment in their business. It is for people who want to build their dream business on the right foundation, whether it is already existing or not. Ideal Students are: Employed or unemployed seeking self-employment Fresh from school and want to be an entrepreneur About to retire or retired and looking for something meaningful to do Aspiring or current entrepreneurs with 0-3 employees Aspiring or current freelancers, coaches, and consultants who want to build and/or grow their business Those who want to make a difference in other people's lives through their business.

This program will help you:

  • Find your unique purpose

  • Concretize your purpose through your vision-mission statement

  • Craft your unique brand including business slogan

  • Set clear goals with your priorities in mind

  • Create clear business goals for products/services and a 1-year plan

  • Create Financial Projections including income projection, business expenses, sales targets, and pricing

  • Develop a Marketing Plan including Ideal Client and Positioning Statements

  • Create a Roadmap including Tools & Channels to use, content, & frequency

  • Learn the top principles of successful entrepreneurs and leaders

  • Establish a business foundation that can adapt to any change


Lisa has been in the Coaching-Consulting profession for the past 25+ years. She has designed training programs, workshops, and seminars for top Fortune 500 companies in the areas of leadership, management, supervision, communication, and teambuilding. Lisa is also a seasoned Business Coach and has helped many entrepreneurs launch their respective businesses. Her expertise and experience in Professional Writing has been instrumental in her success in Business Coaching. Lisa holds a Bachelor's Degree in English, and pursued graduate-level coursework in Organizational Development. She owns a Consulting business in the State of Washington.